Yiluan attended the Training Course on “New Advances in Land Carbon Cycle Modeling” at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, May 13-24, 2019. From the workshop website:

Who should attend?

Modelers who want to gain simplicity in coding, diagnostic capability, computational efficiency, and data constraints for your models
Empiricists who want to use your data to constrain models toward ecological forecasting
Graduate students, post-docs and young scientists who want to learn modeling, data assimilation, and ecological forecasting with ecosystem model TECO and global model CLM

What are you going to learn?

New theory on land carbon storage dynamics
Matrix representations of land carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycles
A unified diagnostic system for identifying uncertainty sources
Data assimilation system with both flux- and pool-based observations
Semi-analytic spin-up for computational efficiency
Ecological forecasting

Who is going to teach?

Anthony Bloom, JPL, USA
Mariah Carbone, Northern Arizona University, USA
Yuanyuan Huang, LSCE, France
Debbie Huntzinger, Northern Arizona University, USA
Atul Jain, University of Illinois Urbana Champion, USA
Lifen Jiang, Northern Arizona University, USA
Danica Lombardozzi, NCAR, USA
Chris Lu, Sun Yat-sen University, China
Yiqi Luo, Northern Arizona University, USA
Kiona Ogle, Northern Arizona University, USA
Daniel Ricciuto, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Andrew Richardson, Northern Arizona University, USA
Ted Schuur, Northern Arizona University, USA
Zheng Shi, UC Irvine, USA
Carlos Sierra, MPI-BGC, Germany
Ying Wang, University of Oklahoma, USA

Where and when?

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ 86011, USA
May 13-24, 2019. Arriving on May 12 and leaving on May 25

What fun activities are there?

Hiking in the Grand Canyon and Sedona and enjoying nearby sceneries; Mixing with top scientists in the fields; Networking with fellow attendees