Clara featured in NSF-supported cyberinfrastructure

From CyVerse https://cyverse.org/foundational-friendships-lead-to-open-ecological-science Foundational Friendships Lead to Open Ecological Science A group of researchers met in a CyVerse open science class and created a novel tool for ecologists to analyze microbial datasets. By Shelley Littin, CyVerse Software developers craft the tools of modern science, and CyVerse provides the collaboration space where they can get creative, connect with end users, and publish their products. One such collaboration led to an open source software tool for ecologists everywhere, [...]

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Yiluan’s phenology paper published in AGU Advances

From UC Santa Cruz News New study shows plants struggle to keep pace with climate change in human-dominated landscapes December 06, 2021 By Allison Arteaga Soergel Researchers found that changes in plant phenology are lagging behind rising temperatures across a majority of the Northern Hemisphere, particularly in the most human-dominated landscapes, like crop lands. Researchers at UC Santa Cruz are contributing new insights into the challenges plants face in adapting to climate change. Prior research [...]

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Yiluan participated ESA workshop

Yiluan Song participated in the ESA-SEEDS Interdisciplinary Power of Data Workshop in Baltimore, Maryland. Over five days, graduate students and early career ecologists from diverse underrepresented groups learned about and explored opportunities for collaborative research using big data in ecology.

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Yiluan received E.C. Pielou Award from ESA

Yiluan received the E.C. Pielou Award from the Ecological Society of America (ESA) with her oral presentation "Novel data-driven method to model the nonlinear dynamics of leafing phenology" at the 2021 ESA Annual Meeting. The E.C. Pielou Award is given to graduate student(s) for their scientific contribution to statistical ecology. https://www.esa.org/stats/awards/e-c-pielou-award/   Congratulations, Yiluan!

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Kai and colleagues awarded CITRIS Campus Seed Fund

Kai, together with Katia Obraczka (Computer Science and Engineering) and Ricardo Sanfelice (Electrical and Computer Engineering), received a $40,000 campus seed fund from the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS). The project focuses on wildfire risk assessment by developing a decision support tool with a drone-assisted IoT (Internet of Things) monitoring network. https://citris.sites.ucsc.edu/funded-projects/ EUREKA: A Decision Support Tool for Wildfire Risk Assessment Using a Drone-Assisted, Scalable and Efficient UAV-Assisted IoT [...]

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Kai receives NSF CAREER Award

Quantitative ecologist Kai Zhu wins NSF funding for climate change research and education UC Santa Cruz News July 02, 2021 By Allison Arteaga Soergel SHARE THIS STORY:TwitterFacebookLinkedInReddit Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Kai Zhu specializes in research that combines traditional ecology methods with cutting-edge data science tools. Changes in plant phenology—like earlier emergence of flowers and leaves in the spring—are a more easily observable impact of rising global average temperatures. Photo: Carolyn Lagattuta  Associate Professor of [...]

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