Cong published in Remote Sensing of Environment

Cong's paper on a new vegetation index is published inĀ Remote Sensing of Environment. Congrats, Cong! Wang C, Chen J, Wu J, Tang Y, Shi P, Black A, Zhu K (2017). A snow-free vegetation index for improved monitoring of vegetation spring green-up date in deciduous ecosystems. Remote Sensing of Environment, 196, 1-12.


Dr. Cong Wang joins Zhu Lab

Dr. Cong Wang, recently graduated from Beijing Normal University, joins Zhu Lab in March 2017. Cong's PhD research focused on developing new algorithms for improving the monitoring of vegetationĀ phenology using remote sensing and investigating the relationship between vegetation phenology and climate change. Cong brings in expertise in remote sensing to the lab. Welcome, Cong!

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