Macrophytes are known for improving water quality in temperate shallow lakes, but such effect has been noted to be weaker in the (sub)tropics. Yiluan Song recently published a meta-analysis suggesting that at lower latitudes, the positive effects of macrophytes on lake-water quality may be similar to and sometimes even greater than those at higher latitudes. A related mescosm experiment empirically demonstrated the potential of using emergent macrophytes in the restoration of tropical waterbodies. These two studies are part of a project funded by PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency and the National University of Singapore.

Congratulations, Yiluan!

Song, Y., Liew, J. H., Sim, D. Z., Mowe, M. A., Mitrovic, S. M., Tan, H. T., & Yeo, D. C. (2018). Effects of macrophytes on lake‐water quality across latitudes: a meta‐analysis. Oikos. doi:10.1111/oik.05809

Mowe, M. A. D., Song, Y., Sim, D. Z. H., Lu, J., Mitrovic, S. M., Tan, H. T. W., Yeo, D. C. J. (2019). Evaluation of six emergent macrophyte species for algal management in a tropical reservoir. Ecological Engineering, 129, 11–21.