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Kai Zhu

Kai is an assistant professor of environmental studies. He completed his postdoc with Chris Field, Nona Chiariello, and Tad Fukami at Carnegie Institution for Science and Stanford University. He received his PhD in ecology with Jim Clark and MS in statistics with Alan Gelfand from Duke University.

Email: kai dot zhu at ucsc dot edu

Kai Zhu | Zhu Lab UC Santa Cruz

Lan Liu

Lan is a postdoc jointly supervised by Kai and Jian Zhang (East China Normal University). She received her PhD in microbial ecology and botany from Sun Yat-Sen University. She is interested in plant-microbe interaction.

Email: lliu71 at ucsc dot edu

Lan Liu | Zhu Lab UC Santa Cruz

William Jiajie Li

William is an undergraduate student in earth science. His research interest focuses on how global climate changes affect the environment we live in through various remote sensing applications.

Email: jli341 at ucsc dot edu

William Li | Zhu Lab UC Santa Cruz

Chris Zajic

Chris is a recent graduate, having received bachelors degrees from UC Santa Cruz in both Biology and Earth Sciences. He is interested in questions regarding changes in vegetation growth in response to climate change.

Email: czajic at ucsc dot edu

William Li | Zhu Lab UC Santa Cruz

Former members

Cong Wang, postdoc, 2017-2018. Remote sensing and vegetation phenology.
Yanghui He, visiting PhD student, 2017. Soil biogeochemistry and biological invasion.