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Ph.D. student opportunities in Fall 2018

I am recruiting 1-2 Ph.D. students to start in Fall 2018 in the Department of Environmental Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

The Zhu Lab works on a broad range of questions in global ecology and quantitative environmental sciences, at the intersection of climate change, biodiversity, and ecosystem. Current research projects include large-scale responses to climate change in forests, long-term global change impacts on grasslands, land surface phenology from remote sensing, and soil fungi and trees in changing environment. More information is available at https://zhulab.ucsc.edu/.

Students are encouraged to develop their own projects, which is an important part of their development as independent and creative researchers. I expect students to have previous research experience and some math/statistics and programming skills. However, in my lab students will learn new methods and tools by working on projects, so the main quality I am looking for is the willingness to learn new skills.

The Ph.D. program in Environmental Studies is explicitly interdisciplinary, with expectations to engage in both natural and social sciences coursework and research. For general information about program requirements, funding, and admissions, please consult the department website (https://envs.ucsc.edu/graduate/prospective-grads/).

Interested students should contact me (https://zhulab.ucsc.edu/contact/) before the admission deadline in December 2017 with the following information: (1) research experience, ideas, and questions; (2) motivations to pursue a Ph.D. and ultimate career goals; (3) interests in the Environmental Studies Department at UCSC; and (4) current CV, academic transcript, GRE score, and TOEFL score (if English is not the first language).

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